LED Lighting at the cheshire design centre

Light emitting diodes have long been heralded as the light source of the future. Until recently manufacturers have struggled with the output of these small light sources and whilst they have been able to produce a large range of colours the most significant colour 'white' has eluded them. The very long life of LED and their incredible efficiency have kept the interest and excitement alive.

At the cheshire design centre, we are delighted to offer a range of LED lighting suitable for indoors, outdoors and underwater applications.

  • LED lighting for bathrooms can set the mood for total relaxation.
  • LED lighting for the dining room we can make the atmosphere for the most romantic of meals.
  • LED lighting can lead the way through corridors and landings, along hallways or even down the garden path.

The low energy consumption and long life of the LED together with the wonderful range of colours make them a must for any special lighting scheme.

Impress yourself with Eyeleds®

Eyeleds® is a breakthrough in modern (floor) lighting and has become a worldwide definition in a short period of time. Why? Because these ultra-slim patented LED lights with a built-in depth of just 6,5mm offers revolutionary possibilities for everyone wanting to be creative with light. Eyeleds® breaks through traditions: no longer just the electrician but for example also flooring installers, interior builders and even the average do-it-yourselfer are now able to install and enjoy this innovative lighting. The Eyeleds® assortment is many-sided and offers a solution for every individual need of lighting. More details to follow, in the meantime visit www.eyeleds.com

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